Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pierce - Age: 3 3/4 months

Yesterday was a good day. We took him off any supplemental oxygen yesterday and he did great. I got home from work around 1130am and when I got here, he had Ben doing so well on 23% that I thought I would try taking him off altogether and see how he did. By the way, room air is 21% oxygen so it wasn't a big stretch. He was off till he was put in his crib for the night which was around 11pm. Overall, a great day.

Thanks to Carl and Dan for coming over and having dinner and hanging out. It was great!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pierce - Age: 3.5 months

So, sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been hectic and I just have not had the time to sit down and write. I will try to be better in the future, but unfortunately I can't promise anything.

Pierce has had a very eventful couple of weeks. The last pediatrician appointment, he was 12  pounds eight ounces. Another pound heavier than he was just two weeks ago.

Last week he went in for a three day EEG because we just didn't feel something was right and thought that he was indeed having seizures even though initially they said he wasn't. The three days were intended to capture any major events. He went in last Tuesday and was to be discharged on Friday morning. Pierce knew where he was and was VERY unhappy. Can't blame the guy really. After only about 12 hours worth of the EEG, they determined that he was having seizures and we started him on a drug called Keppra to help control them.

He was then released the next day. Yay.

Since then they started him on another anti seizure medication so that they could ultimately stop the Keppra, but the first few days we realized that it seemed not to agree him because he started scratching up face. So we have stopped it, per the doctor, and will revisit at his next neurologist appointment.

Today we just had another pediatrician appointment. He is a shrimp (10th percentile) and his weight is right in line with his height. She said it looked like we have been taking great care of him and he is certainly moving around more, is stronger and has more eye movement. This is all great news! BTW, he is 12lbs 8oz.

Enjoy some of the pictures below.