Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's day? Birthday? Which is it?

This past Sunday the 15th was my first father's day. It was also my birthday so it was pretty special. Pierce and Nicole put together a great day. First there was a breakfast egg sandwich and presents. From there, we loaded up and took off to one of the local driving ranges which had miniature golf. We had a blast. It was hot, but not humid thank goodness. After that, we hit some balls in the batting cages. I tried curve and fast balls but didn't hit any. Sad really. But the slow pitch softball I was able to hit some of them. After that, it was off to Chinese food with some folks from the neighborhood. This Chinese food that was recommended to us was great....a little ghetto being attached to a Days Inn, but nonetheless great food. From there, back to the house where I invited some of the local neighborhood dads to the house for bourbon and cigars. Then to bed. What a great day. Check out some of the pictures.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

What a weekend

So, this weekend was one busy weekend. I decided that painting the fence would be a good idea now before it gets too hot. It had been beautiful and perfect painting weather, so I got one coat on the fence and it looks rather good, if I don't say so myself. Below is a before and after picture.

Nicole decided to break out the kid carrier. We found out a way to attach his pulse ox to the back of the carpet so that she could walk around and so while carrying him she watered the new trees that she planted last weekend. She planted a golden weeping willow and a Carolina silver bell tree. They are great additions to our yard! See below for Pierce hitching a ride on Nicole!